Sonntag, Februar 28

sun shines

My exam is over ... Now i have more time for my lovely blog. I wanted to write new posts last time but i was so busy. Now i'm happy to be back here and will report everything happened to me last time.
I'm sitting here in my room and feel very good, cos' spring will come soon ^__^. The lovely sun welcomes us to a new season. I remember last spring i created 2 gowns for 2 wedding party, oh yes i tried to sew something >.<:
Which one i worn in Hamburg. The weather was soooo very nice...
The photos was taken from my boy ^^ he is he best photographer ... for me <3. Now i can't wait for spring anymore ^___° 


  1. hello and thank you for your kind comments :)
    i really like your first outfit, the colors are lovely and it looks like summer.

  2. Really beautiful photos!
    You're pretty and I love the clothes you're wearing.

    & HEY : I know Maggie (from message above)!!