Mittwoch, März 24

Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo 2010

Yes, Its again :)
From Tuesday, March 23 -Friday, March 26 is the "Tokyo Fashion Week". On u can see more about all the fashion shows.
“Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo” aims to heighten the competitiveness of Japan’s fashion business by effectively promoting Japanese textile products and fashion creativity of high quality and sensitivity. The government and private sector collaborate to strengthen Tokyo’s position as a fashion hub"
Of cause, when i hear about Japan, i think about colors, about all this crazy stuffs ^__-°  .. but it've been a surprise for me to see all the show view till now.
One of the most enjoyable show is from fur fur, where Aya Furuhashi designs for.Furuhashi started FUR as a project for “hand-made one offs and action-painting” in 2005, launching it as an independent fashion label the following year.In 2008 the brand name was changed to fur fur and they have quickly established themselves as a favourite amongst Tokyo’s more progressive fashionistas.

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