Montag, März 8

Gift of the day

A Japanese girl is walking in the garden
The air is so fresh
Flowers everywhere
Births are singing
Its spring time!!!!!
Isn't it a nice story?? i know, i cant write story ^^.
Today Petra got a "the packet of Dawanda". During we searched for a new inspiration, Petra suddenly found something and said: "this is absolutly for you". So i looked at her and didnt understand whats she meat. And ... tada ... this cutie japanese pendant ... when i saw it, i'm just falliin' in love with it. And just happy.
Thank you Petra ^^
"The Spring Garden": one of the new pillows collection of RaniPink

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  1. danke lini! :) du auch. ich bin gerad am rumwerkeln, mache gerad nen komplizierten schnitt :D