Freitag, März 26

One day in Berlin

Yesterday we had something to do in Berlin. So we were back there, just for one day.  Last time, where we were there, there were only snow, everywhere. We only wanted to stay inside ^___° . And one month later, everything changes completly: sun shined, we could see more touristy, and we've just wanted to stay outside to enjoy the sun, or just only see people go around the street >.< . It was nice to see Berlin in spring, again. But it was pity that we didnt have enough time to go to "Schönhauser" area again. But i'm sure, we'll be back there next time ^__^

1 Kommentar:

  1. Ahh Berlin :'-O
    Da will ich auch mal hin!
    Die Spiegelfotos sind total genial.. Da musste ich erst zweimal hinsehen :D