Freitag, April 16

Working time? (#8/#9)

I'm a little bit disappointed that the weather is not really warm here. The sun just shines for few hours a day... but i'm so in spring feeling in spite of thousand works i have to do.
Last day i met some friends again. We went for a drink and talked so much like we've never talk before ^__° It was very nice for me to talk with them, again. By reason of my work i can't always see them and we are always happy when we can meet each other again >.<
I can really say that this week has had a little bit more "action" for me. So many things new happen and i've learned so much and have a lot to do. But now i'm sitting here and report about my week ^^. A little bit break for my own -.- yes, I'm a old girl :)
And here is my look for today :)
The Top I've found for a few day in my closet. I don't know where i got it -.-. Short from H&M, shoes: Zara,tights:Fabiani
Yes, the sun shines on this pic so well. Scarf:Ichi, coat:Zara. But a little more warm would be better ^__°
And what really memorable on this week for me is an experience of the Artist House in Hanover. I was there with my class and now is an exhibition of David Schnell, a young artist from Leizip. why "young"? Young because of his brilliant career. And i've to say that i like his work very much. Its a new art,  i've never seen something like this before. His works base on geometrical shape, he created the 3D effect to the audiences .. very amazing
So tomorrow there is an workshop at my school. I work with some other girls from the others class. I hope it'll be fun ... Now i have to do something more for this work shop and wish you all have a nice week(end) -.-
i sound a little bit tired but i'm not so ^__°


  1. Those paintings are AMAZING!
    I love your outfit!

  2. tights = absolutely gorgeous

    Verdammt niedlich ey :D

  3. you in front of the paintings, that looks good.

  4. those paintings are genius!!! and I love your scarf and tights! so chic and warm-looking