Samstag, November 20

Christmas will come around (#81)

Omg ^___^ it was so full today in the city. 
I think everybody are in the christmas feeling >.< and in the shopping mood ^___°
I was there today for shopping and i'm searching for new winter shoes but didn't find something =.= O, i hope i will find my favorite next time ... because it gets cold and snow will coming soon.
For today i worn my Benetton Oversized Knits, which i bought for 2 years ago. Since there i always have worn it in Winter. I like the way it is because it's so unique, simply to wear and so colorful °_____^. This is what i want >.<
 Oversized Knits: Benetton
Shoes: London
Bag: Gift
Scarf: H&M
Wish you all have a very nice weekend 
Love >.<


  1. wow. so simpel aber extrem schön :)
    wunderhübscher header auch ♥

  2. Ich finds schön erfrischend, mal etwas anderes im Winter! :D

  3. i love love love your outfit. definately unique, so pretty ^__^

  4. love that scarf, and your boots. its all so bright and happy.
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  5. du siehst einfach toll aus und dein pulli hach der ist so schön :)

  6. That is just wonderful! You instantly got me in the christmas mood with that sweater!! It's so colorful and pretty!!! :D

  7. ditto to what linh said above.
    you really inspire me to wear more color.

    AND...i am obsessing over your header...

  8. Amazing sweater! I haven't any words for it!

  9. Thank you so much for your comment.
    Maybe could we switch our outfits because I want your sweater + shoes haha :P

  10. I love you, you are sooooooo cute <3
    this pullover suits you so well!

  11. :) die nudeln gibts glaub nirgends zu kaufen :) ich hab die selbst gemacht ! einfach den teig ausgerollt und dann mit plätzchenformen ausgestochen und danach gekocht :)

  12. So pretty. :) So unique. I received your answers. don't forget to visit this Friday. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  13. einfach toll! darf ich ein foto für einen upcoming post benutzen?? ich hab es noch nicht veröffentlicht, wäre lieb wenn du mir schreibst :D

  14. this looks awesome! :)
    ist echt süß und gemütlich. die schuhe sind toll!

  15. Wow, you are really pretty! :D Ich mag deinen Style <3 Superschöne Fotos.