Sonntag, November 14

Illustration for Bloggers: Kay (#4)

Today i tried to make some illustrations for bloggers with watercolors. I'm not good at working with watercolors so it was very difficutl for me to find the better way to work with it °_°
My Illustration for this week is about Kay from BURST INTO CREATION ^___°. I know i have to work more with watercolors to improve my illustration >.<

and you know what happened for me yesterday??? °___^ my whole pics've disappearanced !!! i couldn't believe it while i checked my blog yesterday. So i have had to upload all my pics again! you know how many pics i have on my blog =.="
But no reason to frustrate ^___° i'm a optimistic person :-D i'm gonna do it one at a time  *o*.
Last day i checked h&m to search for some new clothes >.< and was so surprise to see me there at this page >.< . Lookbook has tearned up with H&M to feature LB members from all over the world rocking H&M clothing in the Social Media Room on So you all can be on H&M homepage with your look, of cause through ^__^

with Love


  1. Das mít H&M ist echt cool.
    Die Bilder sind auch echt toll :)

  2. She looks great!!! Love all your drawings xx

  3. ooooo thankyouuuuu !!!!!!!
    it's lovelyyyyy , you're great ! x

  4. your illustrations = LOVE!! *-*
    i love the colors. amazing!
    congrats for you h&m look :)

  5. You're so talented! Love this!<3

    ♥ kisses ♥

  6. Wundertolle Illustrationen! :) Inspirierend.