Donnerstag, August 25


Ich habe bereits meine Fanpage auf Facebook angelegt. Um die neuesten Informationen über oder  ( zum Beispiel: um einen Blick auf mein neues Giveaway zu nehmen, das ich mit zusammen arbeite ^__^), dann bitte auf "Gefällt mir" klicken. Ich hoffe ich sehe euch da <3
I've already created my FanPage on Facebook. To get the newest Informations about or  ( for example: to take a look to my new Giveaway, which I collaborate with ), so please like me <3.Hope to see you guys there :)
Mình vừa mới tạo một FanFage ở FaceBook nhé. Để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất trên blog www.schanhdiufashion.con hay thì đơn giản hãy klick vào "like me" nhé. ( ở đó mình có bật mí chun chút về Giveaway mà mình hợp tác chung với trang Web www.inlovewithfashion sắp tới đấy ) Mong sẽ gặp mọi người ở đó <3

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  1. oh congrats dear:)

    new post on mine..have a look..kiss

    patchwork à porter

  2. dein Blog ist so wunderbar ! :-) schau mal vorbei :-*

  3. That is great! :D
    You deserve it. Your style is amazing!
    You're giving me so much inspiration how to dress and how to combine clothes! And when i look at how many times you're featured on blogs/ sites i can see that i'm not the only one how's thinking that.. You're having an incredible taste of style!
    I hope you keep on blogging for many years! :D