Donnerstag, September 29

Crème de la Crème

Dress/ Belt: H&M
Shoes: RisingTaste
Bag: Vintage

I somehow don't want to disturb you with my private problems, that everytime when I post something I always say that I busy or ... just something like that "gzZz". But I have to disappoint you this time again ^___^ yes, I've been super duper busy since days. Well, I'm gonna tell you later :) O this dress is the same dress with the black one last post, just in another color ^__^'. I can hardly explain you guys why I got 2 colors with the same design -.-'. Just think: I'm a fashion victim, too :)
Now I'm ... going to bed and hope that I can stand up on time  <3




  1. lovely outfit!! i adore your dress and leopard boots <3

  2. I love that white color on you, looks amazing. Everyone is always busy, it's just another way to figure things out.

    x J. Choudhury

  3. awww, so so so sooo süss! Mag ich richtig!
    und deine Haare! Gefärbt, oder?
    und wie? mit Henna oder chemisch? hab meine eben mit henna gefärbt, und sie sind jetzt so 'orange' ;)

    Liebst, mal wieder ❤ Ann (click)

  4. Vielen Dank :) Habs jetzt in 3! Farben bestellt :D Aber ich denke so hübsch wie bei dir wird es nicht aussehen!

  5. Gefällt mir sehr, das zarte Kleid zu den Leo-Wedges.

  6. I saw this white dress in H&M and almost buy it, but I didnt cuz I thought it's just plain, boring and I do not know how to dress up with it. But seeing you wear it super nicely makes me wanna get it! thumbs up!

  7. Love your dress and those leopard wedges!

  8. I love this dress, especially that it's not too short, like they make them these days :) and the bits of leopard look great with it. your pics are gorgeous as they always are!

  9. sehr schönes outfit :D dir stehen kleider sehr gut

  10. Love this look! It's a beautiful color<3

  11. heey, great photos ;) love your look
    can you visit my blog?
    follow me? =D

  12. Great look, lovely pictures and i'm in love with your dress. So, well done ;)