Mittwoch, Januar 11

Lace ... again

Lace Dress : H&M
Blazer: Zara
Heels: GlossyBox Style December 2011
Bag: NewYorker
Necklace: randomStore Hanover

I found this bag in NewYorker Store in Hanover. I can remember when I was ( really ) young, I often shopped in NewYorker; Pimkie or Orsay ... :). I didn't even know when I really stopped to shop in those stores. But last week I was with my sis in the city and we just stopped by NewYorker and that's what I found: this leather optic bag. The leather-optic looks really nice and somehow very elegance :) It has a mix of vintage and modern style, which I really like. What do you think about this bag? ( it's on sale right now, so hurry up  ^^) Oh, this is a lace dress again, again .. and again. I know: I'm totally in Lace-Phase right now >.< 
Well, college stuff 's calling again. I have to finish them before I'll be in Viet Nam. Sure, that I'll prepare a great giveaway from Viet Nam for you all ^.*
And I really thank you for all the last lovely and honest opinions about my latest looks <3

Love <3



  1. WOW; i LOVE this Outfit so much!
    You're really amazing!


  2. Really cute outfit!! :)

  3. uh diese Schuhe..die sind wirklich ein Traum !*_*
    && die Kombination ist auch mehr als nice ;D

  4. great look!this mix and match is very difficult but in your mood is perfect!

    new outfit on
    Patchwork à Porter

  5. Wirklich ein tolles Outfit! Und die Schuhe sind wahnsinnig toll!!

  6. Ich finde es auch immer lustig, wenn ich gerade in Läden, in die ich sonst eigentlich nicht einmal hinein gehe, etwas wirklich schönes entdecke. Aber unverhofft kommt oft :-)

  7. Ich liebe deine Haarfarbe wirklich wunderschön.