Mittwoch, Juni 27

Usedom - First experience as dresser

Hi dears, 

 last weekend I and the other 8 fashion students of our college Hanover were at Usedom and worked as dresser for the Garden Television and the Bridge of Fashion via ZDF for two days. This was the first time for most of us to work as dresser. We really had a lot of fun: first day ( Saturday) we spent most of time on the ... beach and enjoyed the sun, because the final show was on Sunday. On the final show we really had a lot of great experience. It was a very great chance for us as fashion student to work like this. So we could learn more about the real atmosphere of a fahion show, from A-Z. We are very happy that we made this decision to go to Usedom between exam's time :) The show will published on ZDF and sure, I'll link you all.

Love <3



  1. Die Schuhe mit den Nieten sind ja der Hammer!! :)

  2. Das sieht total super aus, war bestimmt spannend! Bin gespannt auf die Sendung!
    Viele Grüße, Katja

  3. interessate Schuhe :)
    hört sich nach einem tollen Wochenende an :)

  4. you're looking great!
    I can understand that this was a great experience for all of you. It's looking wonderful!