Sonntag, Juli 15

May I introduce ...

You might remind of my shooting on ... April. Here are some pictures of my lovely model - my girlfriend Bella. Sure, I will show you the pictures of my shooting next. I knew I've been talking and promising so much about that, but I had so much of college stuff and will finish them on next Sunday ( hopefully) and than I can concentrated on my own stuff, again. Hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks Bella for the wonderful shooting, again <3

Model: Bella Trash
Pictures:Nhat Anh,Nguyen


  1. (Triple) WOow this Über soft § caressing light wraps her electrifying delicacy like an heavenly-like glove Here I must say Dear ! "Like a wistful(icious) BOMBnextDoor" ("Wink from a kind aesthete")...

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. THat's nice! Have you seen my tattoo too? xx

  3. Das Tattoo ist sehr interessant. Schöne Bilder.

  4. ich mag die bearbeitung der bilder total :D
    lässt alles noch zarter wirken
    und das model ist wirklich hübsch und
    das tattoo ist einfach der hammer und sher außergewöhnlich :)
    lg ;*

  5. Such a beautiful model and lighting!