Sonntag, September 23

From Paris With Love - Outfit Nr.I

Crochet Peter Pan Collar Top Red 31€ via 
River Island Black Blazer 56€ via 
Pleated High Waist Shorts Black 27€ via 
Madison Harding - Iris Boots 210€ via 
Black Vintage Shoulder Bag with studded 38€ via

Ps: wegen meinem Urlaub wird das Gewinnspiel mit Myparfum bis Ende des Monats verlängert :) Das heißt, ihr habt noch die Chance, euren eigenen Duft zu gewinnen ^^. Zum Gewinnspiel bitte hier lang ---> Gestalte deinen Traumduft. Viel Spaß und Glück. LG


  1. ich liebe dein outfit! das top ist so schön und der gürtel und die strumpfhose gefallen mir auch sehr gut :)

  2. Wow! Love the bag!!


  3. Voll schöne Bluse und den Gürtel mag ich auch (:


  4. That blouse is so lovely! I love the colour and your belt, is freaking awesome.

  5. aaw ich bin der tasche so was von verfallen >_<
    und auch das shirt und der gürtel sind ein traum
    wieder mal ein super schönes outfit :9
    lg ;**

  6. hübscher look! ich mag den kreuzgürtel!

  7. Lovely in every way..... love your style..... love the shorts and the patterned tights.
    I'm an american guy in Europe for the fall term. Years of ballet behind me...and a fashion nut.
    I'm going to be following your blog! You're so pretty too!
    Since I've been in Europe I've adopted the style of wearing shorts with tights.......
    I have those shorts you're wearing...and I also wear cut off denim shorts...... and a wonderful high waisted pair.
    I love the cuffs on your shorts(and mine). I get looks, but I have long hair, and am quite small for a guy, so I think most think I"m just another woman.......
    But maybe it's the ballet background, maybe I'm just too feminine, but I love the look and feel of the shorts tights look..... I usually wear clogs, but i love your shoes too

  8. thanks so much for your comment and hope you enjoy Europa :) I'm just curious how you look like. It sounds really interesting :)

  9. Lini:
    THanks so much for your response.
    My friends say I look cute, but they also say that I should have been born a girl, since I make such a good one.
    I'm only 5'4" and about 130 pounds. I've always been graceful and I try to move the way I was taught for many years in ballet.
    I've always been obsessed with my legs for some reason....... I guess it's all those years in ballet at the barre, staring at my legs and torso in the wall sized mirrors. So the prospect of being about to show off my legs all the time was too hard to resist. Oh well, I haven't worn a skirt yet.
    I love your blog, and you already know that I love your style. I'd love for you to give me some advise about what to wear.