Dienstag, Februar 12

"Year of Snake" - First Outfit Post


Coming back after a few days celebrated the Lunar New Year with my family, I felt a bit tired because you know, on those days we always eat much and do almost nothing :). I feel so lucky that I'm living in Germany so I can not only join and feel the Xmas, celebrate the New Year Eve here but also the Lunar New Year. So happy that we have another calendar than the European ...
My first outfit of the "Year of snake" is a bit different : I was wearing a pencil skirt. I'm not sure whether I have one or maybe two pencil skirts. I'm not so tall and wearing pencil skirt may make you look short so I'm very careful :) Anyway one thing I'm sure that black boots is the best choice ever. You may recognized that I was wearing on most of my last outfits black boots. They go with every outfits. I definitely love them. 

Much Love


  1. it's snake not sneak ;) Love your outfit! Looks so stylish yet unique. Awesome, hope you have an amazing Chinese year (Can I say this, really?).

  2. Der Mantel und der Bleistiftrock sehen toll zusammen aus. Ich hätte nur vielleicht die Weste weggelassen, zu anderen Looks gefällt sie mir besser :-)

  3. love your hair color!!! what color is it?

  4. Amazing, just amazing and clean photos. Love your hair ^^


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