Freitag, Mai 10

Blogs Introduction

(Daul Be/ Van Anh/ Hoang Ngoc Bao Tram/ Tammy/ Kim Nguyen)

I'm so happy to announce to you my first collaboration with fashion bloggers all around the world. It's just not only about "Fashion Bloggers", it's about "Vietnamese Fashion Bloggers". You may know some of them or maybe not. But I think they all have great and unique style, although they are all living in different countries. I'm happy to have them as my guest post in the next few days. Well, be excited and stay tuned :)


  1. so excited about this collab since I'm Vietnamese by myself. already know about Van Anh's blog. xx

  2. That sounds so fun!! I love Vietnamese bloggers so I am very much looking forward to whatever you have in store for us! Please update us soon!! :)

    Love, Ina (also Vietnamese, haha :b)

  3. Cool - looking forward to it! :)