Samstag, März 6

Best Friends Day

After Stoffmarkt and a little bit working i was by my friend Waree. It was very nice to spent time with her ... again. Remember the last time i by her was last summer. And today the weather was weird. The sun shined, and it snowed, a little bit rain, it was windly. Voluntary Waree shoot some pics for me from her garden.
It was crazy to shoot in those weather ^^

And then we ate so many things like wa've never eaten before. This chip was so delicious ( you can get it from several asian shop ^^) so that i have to shoot pic from them to remember :)

and i wasnt forget to shoot some pics for myself (crazy-.-)


Shoes: Love Shoe
Its nice to see old good friend again. Thank my sweet heart for the happy Saturday late winter day :*

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