Samstag, März 6

Day of new fabrics!

Saturday morning in the window

8.30 a.m on the way to the city
9 a.m energy to start a new day

with sunshine

with the lovely Petra von RaniPink

Coat, Wallet: RaniPink,
Schoes: Noa Noa
9.30 a.m at Stoffmarkt Holland (Steintor) in Hanover. It wasnt full. So happy ^^.
To be honest i wanted to go there a little bit earlier, becos' it always very full of people from 11 a.m to the end. So i wanted to see around in "peace" before the "game" started ^^
And here are the result of Petra. She got so many beautiful fabrics ... like always
I got a new fresh fabric and will try to work with it. ( i absolute need an Overlock machine)
It was a very nice morning, i had fun and learned more things from Petra and happy to go to the next Stoffmarkt on June again^^

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