Freitag, Dezember 3

Winter can sing a love song (#83)

Remember when was my last Outfitspost ??? TWO weeks ago >.<  .... i know ^___°
Last week some friends visited us so i was very busy and couldn't really update my blog >.< ....
Today is the first snowing day of this winter in Hanover. To be honest i think snow is soooo beautiful, and romantic *_* but ... it's really colddd and .. dirty ^.^ zZZZzzz How can i survive this winter ??? >.< ...
For today i worn my little "pink" Jacket by mbym, winter shoes ( yes, i've finally found my winter shoes by Görtz ^___^), ears warmer by Bijou Brigitte ...
I think it's grey enough in those winter days, so i always want to wear something different than black or grey =.=" that's why this "pink" coat (yes, it's not really pink ^___^)
Coat: mbym
Shoes: Goertz
Earmuff: Bijou brigitte
Scarf+Gloves: unknown

And for this winter i've ordered some new stuffs ^0^ by Miss Selfridge. They are (all) in Sale ^___^

Orange Heart Duffle Coat 50£, Animal Fur Mittens 15£, Heart Floral Tights 3£,Gold Tone Oval Ring 2£

And today i found some new vintage sweaters, too ^0^. I will try to show you them later @_@
Now i'm looking forward to next week, exactly on Friday :): My sis will coming back from her vacation + internship in Viet Nam and i will get some super surprises  >.< yeahhh... i'm so happyyyy and sooo excited... can't wait =.="
And you know at school we have a very interesting project right now: a collage Book about X-mas stories, which we make it ourself. This book will coming out at x-mas and i'm all in it right now ^_^. And of couse i'll show it later when it's finished ^0^

so hope you will have a nice day >.<
oh, and don't forget to join in my Giveaway til next Saturday °___^.


  1. love the pictures :) and your pink-ish coat stands out alot and it's so pretty and bold ^^

  2. I've followed you 2 a while :)
    Really love your style :D
    Are you Vietnamese ? =D =D

  3. Your outfit is so wundeful! the coat is just awesome.. love it!
    like your blog so much,

  4. Hi sweetheart!
    You look amazing! I love your coat and boots!

  5. your photo so much :D

  6. awwwr dein gewinnspiel ist sooo zuckersüß *_*

  7. Tolle Bilder.
    Deine neuen Schuhe sind echt wunderschön :)

  8. I do not think I have ever seen anyone look cuter than you do in winter clothes. You are an inspiration to me when I dress in the similar/ even more bitter Canadian winter.

    Love love

    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

  9. Yup! Yup! Hanoi ạ~~~~~~
    My uncle's family live in Germany too :D :D :D
    The more I look the more I like your "PINK" Coat >"<

  10. luv the gloveees. found your lookbook and came here, i'm just in love with all scarves you have. <3

  11. hi :)
    I like ur blog . Is really interesting and cute!
    I like UR notes :*

    if U want follow me and write comment ;**

  12. Schönes Outfit! Deutschland ist gerade so kalt >.< In München bibbert man so richtig! Dafür freut man sich umso mehr über heiße Schokolade und hübsche Winterklamotten.