Montag, Dezember 6

Red in Winter (#84)

This is my Look for today ^__^. Coat i got last year by Koton in Hanover. I bought it while it wasn't winter anymore. It costed me only 50€ >.< . Than i worn it only one time but you know, you can always buy coats and don't have to care about what's for season you are in because the weather in Germany is more COLD than WARM =.= 
So here is it again :) I like the red color and its design. My mum said i look like a grandma in this coat ^o^. Haha, i know my mum has a coat like that ( (in yellow) but ... with shoulder pads ^__° . But she doesn't wear it now becasue she thinks it's ... old fashion >.<
Last time i've received some questions about what for camera i use :) for this all pictures i use Nikon D3000 but i work with PS CS5, too. My boyfriend is my photographer and i don't know how much patience he has for me ^__=.
Oh, and thank you for the whole lovely comments i've received. I'm very happy and appreciated that <3. 
Much Love
Coat: Koton
Shoes: Goertz
Bag: yesStyle
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  1. wow!!!! You know, in Việt Bắc poem by Tố Hữu has this "Rừng xanh hoa chuối đỏ tươi - Đèo cao nắng ánh dao gài thắt lưng". I know this might sound weird but your pics make me relate to this! What I mean is: Everything is so beautiful :D I really like your coat, it suits you every well! =D
    You look so pretty and happy :) not old like your mum said :)))))

  2. Die Jacke ist echt toll.
    die Tasche ist auch echt cool :)

  3. Ich will auch einen roten Mantel! :<
    Übrigens die Farbe passt perfekt zu deinen Haaren!
    Total schön.

  4. Wieder mal sehr schöne Fotos! Was für eine Kamera benutzt du eigentlich? Finde es cool, dass du auch K-Pop magst, was hörst du so am liebsten? :)

  5. what camera do u use? th quality is soooo gd ^_^ LOVE IT
    u suit ur red coat... im so jealous >< i dnt suit red at all x

  6. So pretty. You seem to have one coat in each of my favorite colours. It is hard to find a perfect red coat , but looks like for you the search is over. :)

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

  7. these pictures are so beautiful! where is this? please let me know! xo

  8. Oh my my... such stunning photos! LOVE your red coat in that snowy landscape!

  9. your coat is eyecandy<3
    xoxo from Sweden

  10. gosh I'm loving this coat! esp beacause it is red and I'm searching for one like that! hope I find it soon:)))

  11. Fantastic coat! I LOVE the photos!