Sonntag, Dezember 12

Winter Time (#85)

Finally is sunday. I can stay all day at home and do my stuffs ^__° and i'm happy to announced the winner of my giveaway and will send her an e-mail to tell more about details :). And thanks you guys to like and join my every first giveaway <3 you are all amazing and  i'll try to make some more Illus when i have more time ^__°.

My sis came back to Germany on Friday and you know i received so many gifts from her. The half of her luggage was gifts for me  ^___^: scarves, gloves, dresses etc. This red scarf is one of them, too. Oh, i love this red so much >.< and you see : i finally recieved my order by Miss Selffridge after two waiting weeks ^0^. It's x-mas time so it always takes long time when you order something in the internet -.-.
Scarf: gift
Coat + Butterfly ring + tights : Miss Selfridges
Shorts: h&m
Bag: yesStyle
Shoes: Goertz

Last day i posted some pics on Lookbook but didn't have time to post here. I took it before i went to meet some friends. Oh yes, it was cold on those days and with only this over knees socks was really cold. Next time i'll wear tights under this over knees socks ^__^
Sweater: vintage
Skirt: nights-market
Scarf: Iam

Oh, you can visit Lulu and the Style to see my feature on how to wear h&am over the knee socks. I think this blog is really amazing because you can see how different people mixed the same cloth pieces in different ways. Very inspired blog <3.

Maybe i'll go to Hamburg on Tuesday. Just take a little trip for x-mas because in the winter vacation we'll stay here in Hanover to celebrate with our family <3. And i'm working on a new project and will show you next month when everything will be okey >.< ( hope so ^--^)

For the pictures i used: Nikon d3000 and PS CS5

Much Love



  1. really like your outfit :D nice coat :)

    anyway, thx for your latest comment on my blog :) i'm glad u like it :D

  2. I like the Scarf :)

  3. oh the skirt is so cute!I'm a little bit jealous because of your talent mixing pattern :D

  4. i like everything :D
    ur hair, ur style &&& :)

  5. your sense of style is great. really. and yes...pls do more illustrations :) they are fantastic. your sis seems to be very nice, you are so lucky :)

  6. der schal ist genial, von i am? :o da muss ich mal rein :D

  7. That coat is so cute! :)
    I saw it in Miss Selfridge when I was in town yesterday and thought of you as you mentioned it in your last post :)


  8. I'm looking for a red wool scarf but I can't find one :(! Beautiful looks and pictures dear!

    Love Cindy

  9. Tolle Bilder.
    Die Jacke ist ein Traum :)

  10. Aaaw, I love your style.
    Where was your sis? I love circle scarfs, want one too! :)

    Kisses, VANIY

  11. Amazing outfits as always! I love the coat and tights in the first one!
    And thanks a lot for mentioning my blog! <3

  12. I adore your tights! Floral hearts, how cute!(:

  13. Sieht super aus!<3Ich mag den gelben Pulli!Ich habe ein Gewinnspiel auf meinem Blog gestartet!Würde mich freuen wenn du vorbeischauen würdest!

    LG(liebe Grillfleisch) Mag

  14. zu welchem ''müsstest'' du dann? :) das würde ich gerne sehen, voll oft haben die nämlich meiner meinung nach keine schöne sachen, aber ich bin mir sicher dass du mich eines besseren belehren würdest :) ich glaube egal was man dir vor die füße legt, du machst daraus ein super outfit. jaja, der neid spricht aus mir xD

  15. Wow. I love the outfits, just came acroos your blog. But now going to follow you, I love your style it's so creative. I lovee the skirt in the second outfit it's super cute.

  16. awww I LOVE your coat!! each outfit is stylish and chic! thanks for visiting, I`ll be following you,hope you might follow me back:)

  17. love your style. fashionable and warm at the same time :)