Samstag, Januar 1

Time never ends (#91)

Dear my friends,

2011 has just began and i hope you all will have a happy and a successful year. I definitely celebrated very well with my family and ready to start now :) 
I worn my mom's coat last day, which i here mentioned of ^__° . It looks really cool, do you think? My mom said again: this coat is just for old woman, why do i like to wear it  >.<  and you know: she bought it for 160 DM ^__° I said: fashion has a lasting effect, somehow ^__° that's how fashion is so ... cool :)...
Last day we were outside to take some last photos of 2010 and now ... here we are: 01.01.2011!!! It's a cool number <3 ...
Anyway: i'll try to show you all my lovely readers all my passion of fashion in this year and thanks for support me the last whole year.

Much love


Coat: my mum
Shoes: Buffalo
Belt: Zara
Scarf: gift of my sis


  1. love your shoes :) happy new year!

  2. happy new year to you,too!
    I like your new layout.

  3. Die Jacke ist wudnerschön.
    Ichmag die Länge der Jacke.

  4. That coat is beautiful! Your style is lovely dear! Happy 2011 xxx

  5. WOW !
    Was für ein megacooler Blog, ich bin beeindruckt!
    Der wird gleich erstmal verfolgt :)
    toll toll toll!
    Du machst tolle Fotos:)

  6. i love you sweet blog,and your cute style.
    happy new year btw.and feel free for follow each other,that would be great

  7. the yellow is absolutely gorgeous... I love all the photos. I'm definitely following!!


  8. I love your are right great fashion in timeless! I love the way you updated this piece with the skinny belt and wrap, you look totally chic!

    Happy New Year,
    Jenny @vpv

  9. Your coat is gorgeous. It's bright colour is what makes it so great! You have a new follower and happy new year!

  10. Ich liebe deinen Stil! The coat is so gorgeous and so is the color! xx

    Hope 2011 will be a fantastic year for you! And you just got a new follower!

    - Tran N //

  11. Ich lese sehr gerne deinen Blog und deine Outfits finde ich sehr schön, deshalb bekommst du von mir den Award für den Liebsten Blog :D
    siehe hier:

    xoxo (:

  12. vielen Dank!
    Ich wünsche dir natürlich auch ein gesundes neues Jahr (:

  13. i love it, the coat looks so beautiful on you!!

  14. You look lovely!


  15. I saw your draws in burstintocreation blog, they are amazing I´m in love of them!!! you are very talented, I would love to have about me too!!

    I´m following you on bloglovin, don´t want to miss your updates, this yellow is so beautiful!

    xxxx from Spain

  16. The whole outfit is soooo beautiful :)

  17. that coat is so chic! it looks modern and I love how you`ve styled it with a belt and it`s colour. Happy NEW YEAR!

  18. Now, this is style!!! i adore it!!!!!!!
    you´ve got an amazing blog, and your drawings are stunning!


  19. I love your style, you've seen some beautiful drawings, you can stop by my blog and I have one?

    I will now!!

    Thank you very much beautiful.