Dienstag, November 12

Green Day

Zara leather Jacket + Boot/ Michael Kors Tote/

Yet another sweet look from me! Sometimes I want to change my style to be a kind of cool but somehow it turns to be a sweet girly look. I always smile automatically when somebody takes pictures of me. I tried a leather jacket on so that I didn't look so teen enough for people to think I'm about 20 or some kind of that. Well, it's getting really cold outside today and I hate when it's getting dark so quickly that I feel my day already over. Bad winter !!! Well, this look was taken a feel days ago when it was a little bit warmer. But I'm getting the feeling, that it's too cold right now when I see this pictures .
Wish you all have a nice week and see you on the next post!!!


  1. You're looking wonderful, i think the sweet girly look suits you great :)

  2. Oh das sieht total schön aus :) Haha das kenn ich, eins von den coolen Mädchen sein zu wollen. Ich muss mir aber eingestehen dass ich mehr casual, schick und business bin :D
    Liebst, Melanie

  3. Hahah I know what you mean! I have exactly the same thoughts and the "problem" that I look too girly and try to change it :D
    But you look good :)

  4. What a lovely green skirt. your green tone reminds me of Ireland (please don't ask me why :b) ^^

    Love, ina