Freitag, November 15

Simply day

Sometimes I feel it's hard to find a title for my post when I update blog frequently. There are lots of overused keywords like '"Outfit of the day", "Autumn/Winter/Spring/Summer - Outfit", "Black"/"White" or "Cold"/"Warm"... So I've just made my mind , I am going to post much more about inspirations, trends and so on ... It sounds great , doesnt it ?Let's try it on my next posts. I'm spending on new lens so that's why I've not gone shopping too much recently. Today's outfit is simple with blouse dress, white fur vest and black ankle boots. I hate wearing black stockings but when it gets cold, I have to . It'll look better without stockings. Have a great day. Much love Lini Trịnh


  1. Such a lovely outfit! I love your clean and straight style :)

    Love & peace,