Montag, April 21

Rapeseed field

Blouse: random store Hanover ( similar here)/ Skirt: Lini Trinh/ Love Moschino Bag ( via Sarenza

I know, every year I have a photoshoot with the yellow canola fields. Well, the yellow canola fields in Germany belongs to the most beautiful flower fields in the world and I really love it. The bright yellow color just makes me happy ...

About my hair color: I actually wanted to have grey or white hair ( sounds very weird) but my nature hair color is black and it's really hard to make grey or white hair. I don't have much experience with dyeing, coloration ... so I got an advise from the hairdresser at Unisex and he tried to make my hair brighter as much as possible. He said I should dye my hair at least 3 times so I may get the color I wanted to have. Anyway, I don't want to damage my hair so much so I take my time. Besides, I ordered new shampoo for grey colored hair and I will tell you the result as soon as I use it.


  1. Lovely photos and a very matching style! The cute, feminine style goes well with your new pixie cut!

    xox - ina

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  2. wow. very beautiful your outfit too...<3