Donnerstag, August 28

Sonntag, Mai 4


Overalls ( similar here, here or here ) Blouse ( similar here) Dolce Gabbana Sicily mini ( here)/ Mango Kitten Heels ( similar here
For the pictures I used Canon 5D Mark II/ 135mm f2.0

I love how overalls are coming back in style and in a super cute way too.The (Style) question is: Could I wear overalls again, and not look/feel like I was in high school? Anyway, Im so glad these are coming back in style... and I love my overalls. I would find more ways to rock this ... alternatively, of course. And it wouldn't look like I did at ages 5-10, definitely. 

Donnerstag, Mai 1


Skinny Jeans, Slippers and basic Shirt @H&M/ Blazer and folder bag @Zara
For the pictures I used Canon 5D Mark II/ 135mm f2.0

Sonntag, April 27

New Balance - Nike Air Max

Nike Air Max ( via frontlineshop)/ Boyfriend Jeans ( similar here)/ COS Basic round-neck t-shirt ( similar here)/ Zara Biker Jacket ( similar here)/ Love Moschino Bag ( similar here

I couldn't remember my last sneakers's purchase. This must have been a long time ago. Honestly I hated sneakers. I couldn't do anything with it. But this Nike Air Max has finally convinced me. And only this model and this color! Maybe I'm a bit difficult with this kind of shoes. Anyway, I got 10% discount when I bought this shoes by www.frontlineshop and the delievery had no longer than 3 days. I can only recommend you. Btw, I have to watch out, that I should not wear this sneakers on rainy days.

 Have a nice day. 

Freitag, April 25

Cherry Blossom and ... buckle sandals

&otherstories Trousers ( similar here) / Blouse: random Store Hannover ( similar here or here)/ Mango nude pink bag ( similar here) / Zara Buckle sandals ( similar here) / MK Watch ( here

I'm in love with buckle sandals. Who would have thought that the grandfather’s house slippers once day become so popular? I mean, just go for it :). I remember when I was child - there I was still in VN - students went to school with house shoes, slippers or whatever it could take care for your feet ... and we felt really good in it. Almost 15 years later, the famous slippers has finally came back. A Must-Have for this summer! 

The first picture I edited with my iPhone to see how could I look like when I have grey white hair. I really love this color! And luckily my color, which I ordered last, has just arrived while I'm writing this post. I'm gonna try it right now and hope my hair will turn more to brighter scale. 

Have a lovely day :)