Dienstag, August 13

Autumn ???

Zara Jacket (here)/Sicily Bag/ Mango Top*/ Miu Miu Sunnies/ Nelly Heels* (here

It seems like summer has gone :( . You can see the gold falling leaves on my pictures. But for me autumn is the most beautiful season. Unfortunately I'm afraid I can not enjoy this year's autumn in Germany because I'll go to vacation next :) What kind of pity but vacation is also nice. 
Here is my latest outfit. You can see my new jacket from Zara, for 80€ I think it's a really good price. The nelly heels I got from Nelly High Heels in Hanover and I've checked the price on and found out it costs 64,95€. You see I love this shoes :). I have no regret about my choice like last time :D.
Have a nice week dears 


  1. My Baby,
    you are so beautiful! Love your bag :)

  2. You're really rocking this look!
    And about your comment: i know it will take longer than a week for a portfolio. Maybe i putted it a bit wrong in the sentence ;) I already have got a small portfolio and i expected to get it (at least) half filled at the course.
    Yeah, they def have some great schools in holland! But i just fell in love with london and it felt like home immediately, more than i've ever had in holland. And the study i want to do at csm only takes a year! It's only the foundationyear i want to attend, after that i just want to do a study in holland :)